Cheap Cigars does not mean Poor in terms of Quality


Cheap does not mean poor quality at all times because there are a variety of best cheap cigars that you can find in almost any part of the world. With this idea in mind it is crucial to be aware of how each and every cigar brand looks like, tastes like and the dimensions as well as the compositions. Some of the cigars are cheap while other are expensive even though they might not have the right flavor for your liking or that will meet your needs and expectations. Now which are the best but cheap cigars you can easily find.

Here are the best but cheap cigars available

Have you ever tried the Arturo Fuente? I have tried this myself on different occasions and it is a good one. Besides being mild in terms of flavor, you will also be relieved to find out that it is comparatively cheaper as compared to other cigars you can find. However, this cigar may not be cheap in other parts of the world. For instance if you are living within the Dominican republic where it is normally manufactured, then you will get to enjoy it at a cheaper price than those living in a different part of the world.

There is also the famous Gispert Churchill. This is also a cheap and an affordable cigar basically because it will cost you about $3.5 per stich to order it online. Besides being such cheap, it is normally rolled in a buttery Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. This are the best as they produce a neutral smoke that is smooth and creamy. Far from being best cheap cigars, the flavor is also amazing because as soon as you let out the fine smoke out of your noses trills the flavor that you can feel is that of coffee mixed with cedar. It will take away all the thirst for smoke for more than an hour.

The Olive Serie G Torpedo is also another best cheap cigar and just like the name suggests, it looks like a torpedo because it has a pointed or a tapering end. It is made from a Nicaraguan tobacco but the wrapper originates from Cameroon. The smoke is very smooth and the tapering end ensure that you can easily regulate the amount of puffs that you take in each and every time. This is the best as well.